Friday, August 26, 2011


I think I may have finally come across the perfect flats. They look exactly as I want my new flats to look like. I was hoping to find a classy and chic looking pair of flats. Something black, suede, snakeskin, leopard print. Someone read my mind et Voila! Black suede flats with a little bit of patent and a leopard print bow, how amazing are these! And so inexpensive, I need to go to Zara as soon as possible!

I was gonna get either of the pairs below as I find them very chic as well but now I'm totally in love with the new pair that I found!



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  2. Dear Ieva:
    I am very happy to have found your channel on youtube. You're definitely the only person with style and class that I found.You have exquisite taste, a very fun personality and a unique sense of style. Since I joined your channel, I do not miss any of your videos. Also I have to admit that after watching many of your videos, a bit of my style is changing for the better.Never stop doing what you love. You are a great inspiration!
    Patricia R :)