Friday, August 5, 2011

Lumene Skincare

Today I picked up some new skincare items. It's ridiculous how my beauty products don't fit on top of my vanity anymore but I still buy them. Simply because I love trying out new things and most of my bottles and potions are half done anyways. I don't remember last time I was pleased with my skin. It just never gets clear and beautiful. I always have bumps, blemishes, clogged pores and what not. It's probably hormonal considering my age but I don't really know. That annoys the hell out of me! Whenever a product catches my attention I'll get it as long as it has these key words on:

scar reducing
pore minimizing

I'm always open to new things and trying out products. Hope for once I'll find a regime that works for me. I know it's ridiculous to expect products to do wonders to my skin but I'm not gonna give up until I find something that my skin will fall in love with.

So I saw an offer in a beauty supply store (how could I say no to that?) and got a few products from a Finnish brand Lumene. To be honest, I tried maybe one product from Lumene in my entire life. My mum and grannie are using them but I never gave them a try because I've always associated Lumene (as some do with Estee Lauder) with mature women. However, I was surprised how many products they have that really appeal to me. I wanted to get nearly everything but got only 4 products. They are not all from the same line, I just got things that sounded attractive and suitable for my skin.

From their Natural Code line I got a toner for pure and matt skin. From the Arctic Touch line I got Deep Hydration Eye Gel  and Clarifying Mineral Scrub with Stimulating Biominerals which you are supposed to use once a week. Hope this will be sensitive enough for my skin. And lastly, from the Sensitive Touch line I got eye make up remover with Soothing Arctic Linen Seed.
They seem to have everything for one's skin needs. I'll be using these products for the following weeks and will report you back my thoughts on them.


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