Monday, June 25, 2012

New beauty products on my front

Hey my lovelies! 
So, having some time in hands I was just browsing though my pictures and saw these ones taken. I got all these products a month ago and have completely forgotten to talk to you about them. Now, having used most of them for quite a while, I can do a little review.
I purchased everything in Paris, meaning Sephora, Galleries Lafayette, pharmacies and duty free.
These were my 3 most wanted Chanel polishes, they are all from old collections. 
-Orange Fizz. A perfect summer shade, it's soft orange without any shimmer, the nice thing about it is that in sunlight it looks more coral. It's super beautiful!
-Particuliere. You've all heard about it, the infamous muddy/mushroom shade that's so attractive. If you don't like neutrals, just pass on it, if not, I think it's a must have. In the bottle it looks blah, just some taupe brown color and so plain. Once on the nails, it looks so classy and posh. It just oozes elegance and goes with any outfit/season.
-Rouge Noir. Remember Pulp Fiction and the hot Mia Wallace? She wore Vamp on her nails which is discontinued but Rouge Noir is it's sister. Vamp has a sheen to it whereas Rouge Noir is a no shimmer business...a gorgeous "dried blood" or brownish cherry color. It's a classic, nothing can beat Rouge Noir. 
That's one rubbish demonstration. Excuse the messiness but I thought you'll like to see the colors in action.
Burberry 07 Earthy blush. Well well well...a new favorite blush alert I see. Ok, it can't beat Douceur for me still but it's awesome! 
I'm not very good at describing shades but I'll try. I'd say it's a no shimmer tan color that's slightly cool toned and has a pink undertone and that's white it doesn't look orange on the skin. If you have pale skin, this will make a perfect contouring color for you. Even though it's a blush, I'd categorize it as a bronzer/contour type of thing. I'm pretty sure that's what the girls in Burberry beauty adds are wearing, their contour color is very similar...well, you get the idea of the effect that it gives. I love using it both as a blush on my cheekbones and temples or as a contour. I've been asked a lot to do a comparison review between Nars Douceur and this one. Would you like to see that?
By Terry Touch Expert. Now this is a tricky one. I love YSL Touche Eclat and was curious to try this one and compare the two. To be honest, I don't see the difference. You probably all know that Terry de Gunzburg, who designed Touche Eclat came up with her own makeup like By Terry. And people say that she used the same and even improved formula for her concealer pens. Not sure about that, there is some difference, I feel like By Terry one is more liquidy and it blends in very easily. It has kind of oily texture, I don't even now how to describe it, it just glides on the skin beautifully. Shade wise they are almost identical. I use both in #1 which is a salmony shade and a little different to darker colors. It's perfect for concealing under eye darkness and just highlighting any areas of your face: brow bone, cupid's bow, bridge of the nose. I'd say for the highlighting matter it's not perfect for very pale girls like me so I prefer to use it only under my eyes and around the nose.

I really like it and would recommend if you already like Touche Eclat, price is the same so you only have to see for yourself which formula you prefer. Difference is barely noticeable in my opinion.
By Terry, Ysl
 The shade on the left is Touche Eclat and you can see it's a little lighter in color and thicker in consistency which I may even prefer. By Terry pen has a little more of a salmony shade to it.

That's it for now! I haven't been buying makeup since then and am kinda missing it but knowing I can't get a lot of products here in Lithuania, makes it even more fun writing down the lists and then splurging my money on Burberry, Nars, Mac etc. in Paris:)
Have a lovely day, you all!



  1. Oh my god, those nailpolishes are just perfect. I love rouge noir!

  2. The Particuliere nail polish is awesome! I love it!

  3. Oh I love Particuliere! It's a shame that it doesn't last on my nails.

    1. It doesn't on mine too, chips the other day which sucks! But the shade is beautiful:) x

  4. The Orange Fizz nail polish from Chanel is beautiful and the Burberry bronzer looks a-ma-zing xx

  5. Love the Chanel 307! <3