Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tinted Garnier eye roll-on

  I think it's a perfect timing to do a post on this product as summer is fairly close. I've done a review before on the original eye roll thingy (the green one) because I truly love that product and use it every single day. I heard that the tinted one is even better so I went and got it. Now it has become my every day routine product as well which I apply straight after the original eye refreshener. This tinted one is brilliant for hiding under eye darkness just by few strokes. It contains moisturizer and concealer in one product so it has double effect for your eyes, which is a genius idea!

  Why I am saying it's perfect timing for this post? Because I find that it's a wonderful product for using during lazy sumer days. It's not as think as the regular concealer, but brightens up your eyes instantly without any unwanted cakyness. It is super easy to blend, doesn't leave your under eyes orange or yellow, it is actually very well chosen shade. They have few shades of it, I am using the one for fair skin as I am super pale and it works great! I find that I am not reaching for my touche eclat those days as this product does a similar job to my under eyes and is half the price. However I still do love touche eclat as it's slightly thicker consistency and has a highlighting effect to it, but I'm going to save it for special occasions when I want to look slightly more polished. Garnier tinted eye roll-on is a perfect everyday product and I highly recommend it to everyone! It's around 13euro, but look for special offers at your local beauty store. I got mine for 9euro, which is a nice deal :)


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