Saturday, February 25, 2012

My hat muse

I'm a huge fan of Rosie Huntington-Whitely in case I didn't mention that already. Not only she's stunningly beautiful but she also has an amaaazing style! She does inspire me a lot and sometimes I take certain details from her looks. I love how she wears fedora hats! She often does that and it looks fantastic on her! I was on the hunt on a hat similar to hers but the prices start from about 100 euros. I'm not quite ready to pay this much for a hat so I just spotted a lovely sparkly fedora in Bershka and I really love it. I like hats in general, they are just so cool and complete a look but the problem with them is that you cannot wear them when it's windy out. Which is 80% of the time where I live. 
Anyway, I'll surely get more hats for the spring-summer season and wear them with some cool sunglasses. Pairing hats with Ray Ban aviators or wayfayers is my fave look!

Do you like hats or it's a no no for you? ;)


  1. I love hats!!! In mi view, it give a special touch to any easy look. Kisses :)

  2. Woooo have you seen that beautiful jacket on the third photo? i'm in love!!! the hat is gorgeous too, I'll look for something similar! there is a hat-shop near my house, I hope to find the right one :)
    The one you picked is sooo nice and looks perfect on you :)

  3. you could be Rosie's sister! love the look :)

  4. I discovered that I like hats in summer :) I was on holiday in California und everyone there ran around with a hat on - very stylish AND practical sun-protection.
    So I got myself a hat and am waiting for the summer to wear it ever since :)

    I love love your blog and videos! Keep up with your inspirational work <3

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