Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Self indulgence on Valentine's day

I do not care about Valentine's day. Does someone? I mean, do you people really think that this is the day when you are supposed to show love for your partner/boyfriend/lover/dog? My answer is no. However, this global Valentine's day shopping craze acted for me as a perfect excuse to do some shopping. Not that I needed to but just to treat myself with a couple of things I've been wanting. Did it satisfy my soul? Definitely so!
I feel like everything is very spring-like. Bring on colour to my life! Can you not wait for the spring also? 
Now onto the things I got. Some Zara sale purchases going on here. Are they ever gonna end their sales?  That's too dangerous for me. Even if I think I got everything I wanted, between unnecessary things I find VERY necessary items. So, I got pink jeans. Yeah, I know I'll look like a walking cotton candy or an ice cream. I mind it not. A sweathshirt with  French words (because they cannot use English, French= chic). I like it a lot actually, would even wear it out for casual days. 

Next up beauty products because how you can ever have enough of those? Not me.
I got two Mavala nail polishes:
spring ready peachy shade- Samoa
and a delicious milk chocolate shade- Velvet
love them!
Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Emerveille because it's too beautiful not to get to and I wanted a
champagne-y all-over-the-lid-wash-of-color type of thing in a cream form. This is perfect, quick and easy for the mornings and gives that glowy bright eyed look for the daytime.
Dolce & Gabanna Rose The One perfume. I'm in love. It's such a beautiful rose! Musky rose, very young and modern. Nothing like the powdery old lady rose (although I love those sometimes). It's radiant, feminine and classy. Think of a well mannered sophisticated young lady in a black dress with a   glass of pink champagne in her hands.  
To complete my self indulgence on this very (not)important day, I had to finish it with some mouthwatering cake. It's Napoleon, probably the mostly well made I've ever tried. My soul is officially happy.

How was your Valentine's day, girls? Hope you had a great time! 



  1. I did just about nothing on Valentine's Day, but I'm glad to see you made use of it! I'm with you, though- I really don't need a special day to show love to the people around me. I try to make everyday feel like Valentines Day with the people I love:)



    1. Yea, I totally agree with you, Ashley! I usually don't do anything either:)

  2. That's all Valentine's Day is. A BIG EXCUSE TO SHOP. At least it is for me too. I love your little treats you acquired. I really have been wanting to try the new Chanel eyeshadows (the color you got is absolutely gorgeous), but I just wish they were more metallic than glittery. Thanks for the post!