Monday, July 25, 2011

Me and my boyfriend's vacation in Turkey

Here are some of the pictures of the wonderful holiday that me and my boyfriend had in Turkey. We had 12 days for a total relaxation and escape. Two of which we spent in Oludeniz enjoying a beautiful beach and just having fun, five days we spent in Yediburunlar, a place between Fethiye and Kalkan. We stayed in the lighthouse "hotel", which I wouldn't really call a hotel because it's not. It's a wonderful getaway place for couples that want to relax, enjoy breathtaking view of nature, delicious food, sun, silence, fresh air, morning yoga and what not. During our stay there we also were brought to visit a nearby city Kalkan with a couple of other british couples. The rest of our holiday-4 days we spent in Istanbul where we visited many famous beautiful places. Me and my boyfriend had an amazing time there and we shared some unforgettable moments. I'm kind of sad to be back home and miss the real summer we had in Turkey despite the fact that I was constantly complaining there about the weather being too hot:)

Beautiful Oludeniz beach
 Me in one of the Lighthouse hammocks
 View from above
 Our poolside
 The definition of our holiday

 Baby chilling in the shade
 A guest behind our window
 Unwelcome gesture

 Sleeping beauty
 Our last dinner
 Wonderful vegan food everyday
 Bikes of Istanbul
 Mountains of ice cream cones
 One of the many mosques of Istanbul

 Grand bazaar

 Turkish cuisine is definitely among the best!
 No where without a bottle of water!

 The Blue Mosque
 Inside it

 Old water cisterns under the ground

 Us in a boat for a Bosphorus tour
 Ciragan Palace

 Houses of the riches

 Comparing our tans
 The man of my life
 A beautiful and huge park

 Us at Oludeniz beach

 The clearest water

 Fruit salad
 Turkish bread

 Our boat tour in Oludeniz

 Butterfly valley
 Baby buying some fresh orange juice

 Look at that color!
 A palm tree, anyone?
 A lost dog from a nearby hotel
 On a way to Lighthouse hotel in Yediburunlar

 Our "private" hammock
 A place where we had our meals
 Our beloved sunbathing spot
 A breathtaking scenery
 Me in our first room which we changed the day after for a better view
 One of the two dogs that live there- Ella
 The pool

 No better place to relax
 Lounging next to Antalya
 Our room
 A local friend

The little streets of Kalkan

 Beach in Kalkan
 Local kids

A local shepherd boy
Mountain goats
 Kalkan by night
No other airlines have a better service and food than Turkish airlines!



  1. Wow! It looks like you had an awesome time! I would love to go to Turkey. So jealous!

  2. that must have been great! bye the way youre a really cute couple;)

  3. Oh, thank you! That's sweet of you to say:)

  4. You don't say anything about the prices! the photos are cool though! i'm jealous too! :D

  5. @ Villas in Kalkan I don't know about the prices since it was a present from my boyfriend, I suppose it was pricey. You may find their prices online, I haven't checked myself.
    I checked your page and I must say, wow! Villa Turquoise looks fantastic! I would love to stay there for vacation! It's absolutely beautiful!