Thursday, October 20, 2011

Petit weekend à Paris avec mon beau!

If you are following my blog then you might already know that weekend getaways to Paris are not unusual to me. My boyfriend lives there. Distant relationship, I know. Sucks. But what you're gonna do, that's the way it is and we are happy nonetheless. I really love having my weekends there with beloved one. Paris is magnificent no matter what season or time. 

The weather happened to be incredibly beautiful and sunny, we were so lucky! Beautiful weather means lots of walking, sitting in the parks, eating ice cream, enjoying our drinks in cafes outside, joking around and what not! We did have lots of fun visiting the same places for God knows how many times.  Jardin des Tuileries, Trocadero, Opéra, Concorde, Champs Elysees, Galleries Lafayette, Place Vendôme, you name it, we've been there...

Despite some negative aspects and all the tourists, Paris is a magnificent city to spend time at with your beloved one. It's so romantic, full of beauty, it just has something that makes it so magic. Paris by night? Oh dear, where do I start!

Boring bus ride. Lots of reading material, music and water is all you need.
 Friday evening. Finally together!
 Lazy saturday afternoon 
 Loads of tourists. It's Paris after all:)
 Sunshine in Trocadero
 Moi et Eiffel
 Sitting on the grass, having some ice cream and watching tour Eiffel in front of us:)
Love and prayers for Lady D
 A place of princess Diana's death
Beautiful afternoon
Having delicious cocktails at George V on Champs Elysees
Monday afternoon. Right, for everyone but us. Having some drinks, chit-chatting and laughing with my beloved one:)



  1. Can you see yourself living in Paris one day? What are your thoughts on that? Just interested because I do think of moving there maybe. Not sure if people are nice...??! What do you think?

  2. Yes, I definitely can and I think I will live there at least for a short period of time. Even though I'm from a very calm place and Paris is a huge noisy city, I think it's a perfect location for young people. It's the capital of art..architecture, night life, fashion, parks, everything is mesmerizing, you just wanna walk and walk in Paris. It has that wonderful spirit despite the rats, smell of pee, street people, trash everywhere and super unfriendly and snobby parisians, I still love this city!

  3. The unfriendly word quite scares me when it comes to Parisians. Americans are just so nice, friendly loving people, especially here in California, so laid back. Way nicer than Czech people and I say that with aching heart because I am from there. I guess I got spoiled here lot. Thanks so much for your thoughts and sharing your experience. Big help.

  4. hhaaha the picture with la tour Eiffel is well taken! By the way it will sounds weird but I love your forehead!

  5. Do you go by bus to Paris? Why don't you fly?

    1. Of course I fly, that would be terrible to go that far by bus just for a weekend;D I take a bus to go the the airport because I don't live near one. xx