Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little treasures from Paris

How can a weekend in Paris end up with empty hands? At least, not mine! Here are a few beautiful treasures that I got whilst there. They make me happy just by looking at them! Thanks to my patient boyfriend who accompanied me without complaining. We did have fun, didn't we? Love u, babe!
I've wanted to get these Chanel eyelash curlers for so long! Expect for a review soon:)
A key to a girls heart
My selection:
Framboise, Rose Pètale, Cassis Violette, Fruits Rouges, Praline et Framboise 
(Raspberry, Rose, Blackcurrant and violet, Red Fruits, Toffee and Raspberry)
Perfume, perfume, perfume. Did I get some? Nope.
Did I want to get a bunch of them? Oui!
Nars Douceur blush. Gorgeous shade!
A beautiful brownish lipstick. Love the formula of these! So moisturizing and pigmented!
#525 Vintage
Choccolat Praline perfume spray by Sephora, a flowery mirror and tiny medicine case



  1. Love this haul! I have always wanted to visit Paris!
    I own the Chanel Lash Curlers and LOVE them!!! The Laduree Macaroons look delicious and so pretty to look at too!
    I love your blog !
    Much love,
    Claudia xo

  2. Thank you, Claudia! :) Oh, you should definitely visit it one day! Yeah, macaroons are simply hard to resist:)

  3. I love that perfume!! I always wear it in Summer. We have it in Spain but not in London..I miss it.

  4. Yeah, i loved it also until everything spilled when I brought it with me traveling :( It's not sealed that well I guess, thank God it's so cheap! Will get another one:)