Friday, June 17, 2011

Venus Embrace by Gillette

I figured that this razor deserves a blog post. It IS good. Not like the previous one the "Breeze" which slightly disappointed me. I remember buying the Breeze razor because it was this beautiful lilac color and had those attractive aloe vera moisture bands. The downside of that one was that these moisture ribbons were a little too big and so the blades were not sliding close enough to the skin, thus the shave was not smooth. You could still feel the roughness on your legs after the shave. Plus, once left in the shower (which is usually a humid place, isn't it?) these ribbons melt and look super unattractive. A viscous, sticky mess! However, the new one-Embrace does not have those gel like ribbons, but some rather nice ones. They stay in place, do not melt and do not move. A big applaud on that improvement! Other than that, the shaver is very nice, easy to control, the head of it is moving so u can get very precise shave. It glides on beautifully especially paired with Gillette Satin Care shaving gel. The combination of the two leave your legs (or any other part of the body) extremely smooth and sexy. Highly recommend this one! If you had the same experience with previous shavers, don't give up, Venus improves and claims to reveal the goddesses in us, girls!

Tell me what's your favorite way/tool to get rid of the bodily hair.


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