Saturday, September 17, 2011

Products I've used up

I recently posted a video about the products I've used up and my thoughts on them, in case you missed it, here is a blog post for you, girls.

Let me start with the products I really enjoyed using:
1. Loreal Elnettt hairspray. I had the mini one that I got for traveling purposes. It is my favorite hairspray from all I've tried so far. I always come back to this, no matter what. It doesn't make my hair feel crunchy or stiff, doesn't weight it down, leaves my hair brushable but still manages to hold it in place. However, the smell of it is absolutely disgusting, I hate it! But that still will not stop me from buying it, I guess:)
2. Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer. Love this concealer! It's my second tube and the third one is already waiting for me. I haven't found anything better for covering up my blemishes and dark undereye circles all in one tube! It sinks into the skin beautifully without being cakey. Love!
3. Nivea face wash for sensitive skin. Nothing much to say really, just a lovely gentle face wash with delicate granules for exfoliation. Leaves my skin very soft, smooth and hydrated, doesn't dry it out. I got a backup already, I really enjoyed using it!
4. Schwarzkoph Gliss Kur Hair Repair. Liquid Silk Gloss. It's a leave-in conditioner that makes my hair super soft. I spray generous amounts of it on damp hair as it is very lightweight and it makes my hair  much easier to comb. Sometimes my hair is a real disaster and untangable mess, this helps me a lot  and smells lovely too.
5.Macadamia Nourishing leave-in cream. I absolutely love Macadamia range. Let me start by saying that their products smell divine! This is a wonderful leave-in cream, very nourishing, leaves my hair moisturized, especially my dry ends. You need very little of it, only a dime size amount, rub it between your palms and run your fingers through your hair starting from your ears going down. Such a brilliant product! You need to be careful not to apply too much or your hair can turn into a greaseball. It is something that will keep your hair shiny and healthy looking and will last you quite a while. Paired with Macadamia Healing oil, it's a miracle combo!

Ok, now onto my disappointments:
6. Schwarzkofp Blond me Nourishing leave-in conditioning spray. Using this product I didn't notice any difference in how my hair felt before and after applying it. I so much more prefer the Gliss Kur leave-ins.
7. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. I guess I just had expectations for this product that were too high due to all the hype going about it. Yes, it is a beautiful face serum, yes, it makes your skin smooth, soft and lovely. Besides that? Nothing much, didn't "repair" my skin as it claims, didn't improve it, didn't reduce any discoloration or scarring. A big big disappointment and a waste of money.

That's it for now, I might do one of those post again once I finish some products I'm currently using:)
Tell me if you'd like me to do a post like this again!



  1. Hi! I like this kind of posts with the mini-reviews! :)

    We have a lot of products in common. :) My fave hair spray is also the Elnett one, and I also dislike the granny-scent that it has. Try the one with the green label, it says it's parfume free. I like it a lot better, it's not completly scentless but doesn't have that strong scent either. :)
    I just have bought the Healthy Mix concealer a couple of days ago, I hope it will work for me as well. :)
    And I also have that Gliss Kur silk spray, I really like it as well, makes fine hair silky without weighting it down.

    Try once the Joico K-Pak Therapy Oil, it's fantastic!!! I got it for my birthday, and I can't rave enough about it. It's kind of pricey but it comes in a larger bottle than the avarage serums for hair and 1-2 drops are enough. Makes dry ends silky and soft. :)

    Sorry for the long comment, :D :)

  2. That was fun to read! Thank you for your recommendations, will definitely take a look at green Elnett, I now got the pink which I haven't tried before, hope it won't smell that bad...I heard a lot about Joico products, need to try them myself:)